Private tree tours from Antigua Guatemala with Knut Eisermann

The name Guatemala derives from Guauthemallan, which means place of trees in the Aztec Nahuatl language. Although deforestation has changed vast parts of Guatemala's landscape, about a third of the country is still covered with forests. Knut Eisermann has been working on an inventory of tree and liana species in a forested area near Antigua Guatemala. Join a private half-day tree tour guided by him in a forest near Antigua Guatemala to learn about the stunning life history of trees and see some of the most impressive trees in the area including some rare and globally endangered trees.

Tree tours Antigua Guatemala.
Sapindus saponaria (Sapindaceae).

Our private tree tours include:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Antigua Guatemala.
  • Entrance fee to private forest reserve.
  • Guided 5-hour walk lead by Knut Eisermann.
Colorful forest canopy.
Colorful forest canopy with Bursera simaruba (Burseraceae) and Euphorbia cotinifolia (Euphorbiaceae).
Tree tours Antigua Guatemala.
Hauya elegans subsp. cornuta (Onagraceae).

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